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Raku and Saggar Fired

Making techniques here are the same as those detailed in the Earthenware section.

With the Raku pieces, glaze firing is at a temperature of between 1000 and 1020 degrees celsius in a gas kiln. The ware is removed from the kiln at these temperatures and put into combustible materials such as sawdust, hay or newspaper. This post firing reduction can produce some stunning colours and effects.

In saggar firing, the bisque pieces are treated with chemicals or metal salts such as ferric chloride and copper sulphate. Copper wire is sometimes wrapped around the pots and they are wrapped in tin foil along with combustible materials such as seaweed or sawdust. A mix of table salt and copper carbonate or just table salt is sprinkled in the saggar before wrapping up. Firing, again, takes place in a gas kiln to a temperature of 800 degrees celsius, holding for twenty minutes at the top temperature.

Raku fired chalice, made 2023 (Sold)
Lidded raku vessel, made 2023 (Sold)
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